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Directions for use

Fixing of collars and elements with M8 thread


Body:Galvanised steel

Certifications and Test

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Table of technical dimensions
CodePin diameterPitchThread lengthPin lengthMaterial
315VCZ60 7,7M81055Galvanized iron
315VCZ80 7,7M81075Galvanized iron
315VCZ90 7,7M81095Galvanized iron
315CHZ90 7,7M81090Galvanized iron
Packaging Table
BoxIndustrial packaging
CodeIn boxes ofPackagingCodeIn boxes of
315VCZ60100 pz800 pz--
315VCZ80100 pz800 pz--
315VCZ90100 pz800 pz--
315CHZ90100 pz800 pz--