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Directions for use

Fixing of insulation panels and profiles on wooden substrates using screw and washer art. 287 or art. 50 on concrete, stone and brick substrates


Screw:Galvanised steel
Head:TPS, impression Torx T30

Certifications and Test

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Table of technical dimensions
CodeScrew diameterScrew lengthScrew head diameter
530LE610 610012
530LE612 612012
530LE614 614012
530LE616 616012
530LE618 618012
530LE620 620012
530LE622 622012
530LE624 624012
530LE626 626012
530LE628 628012
530LE630 630012
Packaging Table
BoxIndustrial packaging
CodeIn boxes ofPackagingCodeIn boxes of
530LE610100 pz800 pz--
530LE612100 pz800 pz--
530LE614100 pz800 pz--
530LE616100 pz800 pz--
530LE618100 pz600 pz--
530LE620100 pz600 pz--
530LE622100 pz300 pz--
530LE624100 pz300 pz--
530LE626100 pz300 pz--
530LE628100 pz300 pz--
530LE630100 pz300 pz--