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Directions for use

For covering fixings such as: screws, plugs, nails


Body:Pre-painted steel, Stainless steel, Copper
Color:White grey
Table of technical dimensions
CodeOutside diameterThicknessMaterial ColourRal
147TM206Pre-painted steelDark brown8019
147BG206Pre-painted steelWhite grey9002
147RS206Pre-painted steelSiena Red3009
147IX206Stainless steelStainless steel-
Packaging Table
BoxIndustrial packaging
CodeIn boxes ofPackagingCodeIn boxes of
147TM500 pz1000 pz--
147BG500 pz1000 pz--
147RS500 pz1000 pz--
147IX500 pz1000 pz--
147RE500 pz1000 pz--