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Directions for use

For accompanying and sealing (with the aid of silicone) fixing applications made with Art. 255 - 315 - 314


Body:Pre-painted steel, Stainless steel, Galvanised, Copper
Color:Dark brown
Combinations:Plug art 255, art 316
Table of technical dimensions
CodeHole diameterOutside diameterThicknessMaterial ColourRal
148TM-F8316Pre-painted steelDark brown8019
148BG-F8316Pre-painted steelWhite grey9002
148GS-F8316Pre-painted steelSilver grey9006
148AN-F8316Pre-painted steelDark grey7016
148BL-F8316Pre-painted steelGentian blue5010
148RS-F8316Pre-painted steelSiena Red3009
148VM-F8316Pre-painted steelMoss green6005
148VS-F8316Pre-painted steelSignal green6032
148IX-F8316Stainless steelStainless steel-
Packaging Table
BoxIndustrial packaging
CodeIn boxes ofPackagingCodeIn boxes of
148TM-F500 pz1000 pz--
148BG-F500 pz1000 pz--
148GS-F500 pz1000 pz--
148AN-F500 pz1000 pz--
148BL-F500 pz1000 pz--
148RS-F500 pz1000 pz--
148VM-F500 pz1000 pz--
148VS-F500 pz1000 pz--
148ZI-F500 pz1000 pz--
148IX-F500 pz1000 pz--
148RE-F500 pz1000 pz--