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Directions for use

Fixing insulation panels and membranes on wooden supports. The preformed tip eliminates the thermal bridge


Nail:Galvanised steel
Table of technical dimensions
CodeNail diameterLengthMaximum fixable thicknessOutside diameterWasher thickness Screw tip diameterScrew tip thickness
298CH50 450255031319
298CH60 460355031319
298CH70 470455031319
298CH80 480555031319
298CH90 490655031319
298CH100 4100755031319
298CH120 4120955031319
Packaging Table
BoxIndustrial packaging
CodeIn boxes ofPackagingCodeIn boxes of
298CH50100 pz---
298CH60100 pz---
298CH70100 pz---
298CH80100 pz---
298CH90100 pz---
298CH100100 pz---
298CH 120100 pz---