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Perfect fixings

Innovative products for fast and safe installations


Roofing sector

Fixing of gutters, pre-painted sheets, downpipes, ventilated roofs, waterproofing systems and restorations.

Plasterboard sector

Fixing of panels in EPS, stiferite, rock wool and cork on concrete, stone, brick and wood substrates.

Cladding/Thermal Insulation Sector

Fixing of panels in EPS, stiferite, rock wool and cork on concrete, stone, brick and wood substrates.


The objective to increase energy saving has led to the introduction of materials and installation systems on the market that are suitable for improving indoor environment quality, not only in new buildings but also in the renovation of existing buildings. Due and proper attention has been paid to the problems of heating, cooling and noise pollution.

These thermo-acoustic panels come in various sizes, types, densities and materials and have therefore become part of the common way of living and sharing a house.

In order to guarantee the effectiveness and durability of installation over time, the panels are fixed by means of special glue integrated with mechanical fasteners that use special plugs or anchors.

This allows creating a new structure on which the remaining layers of mesh, skim coat, primer and finish can be laid in complete safety.

DBM has developed a dedicated mechanical fastener of the highest quality and CEā€“ETAG 014 certified.



We are passionate about our work and our many years of experience allows us to meet a wide range of needs in the field of technical fastening systems.

Research and Development

We pay close attention to technological developments and are constantly searching for new cutting-edge solutions to ensure the best performance and results.

Quality and Reliability

Our production cycle meets a high standard of quality. The materials we use comply with the REACH and RoHs regulations, and we have patents and certifications for some types of products.

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