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Patents and Certifications

Patents and Certifications

DBM holds the following patents:

The universal expansion plug art 70.
Available in several versions, with rim, without rim, body only or with screw. The threaded plug ensures that it can be screwed into the hole without any possibility of rotation. It eliminates friction by keeping the screw cool and preserves the molecular structure of the nylon body. In addition, the diametrically opposed cut acts as a coaxial guide for the screw.

Rapid expansion plug with screw cap art. 231.
Available in 3 versions: white with galvanized steel screw, dark brown head with black passivated galvanised steel or copper screw, also available in multiple colours and with a screw painted in the same colour (art. 230). The special screw with concave and convex head covers and hermetically seals the central hole and presses on the nylon collar to ensure perfect adhesion to the support. The plug enclosed in this way considerably increases its strength and reliability, especially under dynamic loads.

In 2011, DBM certified the double expansion plug (art. 275 TOP-FIS).
A series of tests and trials were carried out to obtain the certification, which includes the ETAG 014 recognition for the following substrates: concrete, solid brick and hollow brick.

Wall plugs art. 279, art. 280, art. 283.
For use on external insulation, ETAG 014 certified.

Raw Material

All plastic materials processed and transformed into products comply with the REACH and RoHS regulations.

Tests and inspections

I nostri materiali ed i prodotti sono sottoposti a periodici test per garantire sempre un elevato standard di qualità e sicurezza.

  • Elongation at break
  • Tensile modulus of elasticity
  • Flexural modulus of elasticity
  • IZOD impact resistance

Importance of certification

  • To guarantee product quality
  • To manage durability over time
  • To ensure that the product meets the requirements described and set by a reference document or standard
  • Product differentiation
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